The Dead & Buried by Kim Harrington

Hey guys! I’m back. First of all, I’m so sorry that I had to take down all the links for my books! Today I’ll be talking about a book that I have recently just read, “The Dead & Buried” by Kim Harrington. It can be classified as a horror/mystery book (although it isn’t that very scary). This books is about a girl named Jade and she just moved into a new house and went to a new high school. This house has a dark past. The previous owner was a teenage girl that used to go to the same high school as Jade. But this time, this owner had died in her own house. People didn’t know if it was just an accident or if she was actually murdered. Now as Jade realizes that the house could be haunted by the ghost of this girl, she has to find out what truly happened to her. If she doesn’t, the ghost of that girl will kill her younger brother. Jade would do anything for her little brother so she has to work hard to solve the mysterious case of this girl. Find out more by reading this book!

  1. The Dead & Buried


URGENT!!! Removing Books

Hey guys! I’m sorry to say but I am going to have to remove all the PDF files in this blog, due to infringement and copyright purposes. I will remove the files, but I may still be able to write book summaries and reviews, and I’ll may be posting up my own books (that I created) as well. I know it’s sad, but please don’t go. Continue to look up my blog and I hope you also continue to enjoy it. If you have any questions, please email me at Thx!

The Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore (Request)

Hey guys! Someone had requested the famous “Lorien Legacies” by Pittacus Lore. Actually 2 someones requested it. Sorry for the late post! The Lorien Legacies is about teens who have powers that came to Earth from another planet. They are the last of their kind and they are being hunted by the Mogadorians. Each teen has different sorts of powers. This story is a very thrilling action-packed series! I recommend that you all read it! Bye!

I am Number Four Series

  1. I am Number Four


2. The Power of Six


3. The Rise of Nine


4. The Fall of Five


The Lost Files

  1. Six’s Legacy


2. Nine’s Legacy


3. The Fallen Legacies


4. The Search for Sam


5. The Last Days of Lorien


6. The Forgotten Ones


Extra Books

  1. The Fate of Ten


2. The Revenge of Seven


Splintered Book Series by A.G. Howard (Request)

Hey guys!!! Today, I’m here to share a book series called Splintered. I haven’t actually read it yet, but someone requested it, so I decided to put it up. I read online that it is a kind of mystical-fantasy novel. It’s a story similar to Alice in Wonderland but different in some ways. Well I hope you enjoy reading these series, and I hope I have time to read them, myself!

  1. Splintered (Splintered #1)


2. The Moth in the Mirror (Splintered #1.5)


3. Unhinged (Splintered #2)


4. Ensnared (Splintered #3)


5. Untamed (Splintered #3.5)


Writing My Very First Book! Yay!!!

Hey everybody!!! Today, I’m writing a special blog about what I’ve been doing. I have started my own little project. I decided to make my very first novel! This is my first time writing one and I have no experience in writing stories, whatsoever. I am still currently working on it. I started it around the end of last year and plan to end it around this year. For a brief preview, I’ll tell you that this book is mostly about teen drama. It is most suitable for ages 14+. I know it sounds lame, but I hope people enjoy this book.

The story centers around a normal American teenage girl, named Emily and her big family. In this book, Emily is facing challenges in high school and facing challenges with her own family. As any other normal teenager likes to do, Emily likes to spend time with her friends more than she does with her own family. She hangs out with her two best friends and sometimes go out with her tutor, Richard.  Emily faces some problems with her family, but when she thinks that it’s finally over, she decides to go back to her friends. This time, she spends more time with her boyfriend, Richard. One day, Emily faces a life-changing situation. This situation puts Emily in a really difficult position. She has to choose between staying behind with Richard or taking care of her younger siblings. What would she do? Will she be willing to sacrifice her entire family for just one good-looking boy?

Well I’m still working on it, but like I said, I hope people will enjoy reading it. This book found me a new hobby of writing, and I hope that I would be able to finish it and start on with new books. I also hope that I will improve my writing skills because of this. For this “project”, I just have one problem. I’m looking for a book cover. I’m not that much of a designer, so if any of you out there or any of your friends are creative enough to make me a free book cover or likes photography, please please please send your ideas to me. And I want it to be really creative. We can talk about it over my email if you would like and I would gladly send you my unfinished copy so that you get the idea on what book cover to create.  Once I’m finished with it, maybe you can win the first copy of my book! Thanks and I hope that someone will be willing to help me. 😉

And, F.Y.I, my email address is at Bye!

The Summoners Series by Taran Matharu

This series is a splendid read for those who like action and fantasy. In a world full of dwarves and elves and evil monsters called orcs, there lives a young boy named Fletcher. He always lived a normal but not wealthy life until one day, he achieves a greater power to stop a long war – a war between the orcs and the humans, elves, and dwarves. Join Fletcher in this amazing adventure to stop the orcs! Read on!!!

  1. The Novice (The Summoners #1)



2. The Inquisition (The Summoners #2)



3. The Battlemage (The Summoners #3)


Angelfire Series by Courtney Allison Moulton

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new book series. This series is about a girl named Ellie. She was just a normal girl, finishing highschool and having fun with her other friends, but then she met a boy named Will. Will was not just an ordinary boy. Ellie had met him many lives before. She’s been having these strange dreams or nightmares at the same time. When Ellie and Will met each other, they soon figured out more about their past and Ellie realized that Will was her Guardian. They soon met these monsters, called the Reapers, that they had to fight all throughout the book. What must Ellie and Will have to face and will they both make it out alive?

1. A Dance with Darkness (Angelfire #0.5)



2. Angelfire (Angelfire #1)


3. Wings of the Wicked (Angelfire #2)



4. Shadows in the Silence (Angelfire #3)