Slammed by Colleen Hoover

Hey guys! Just wanted to post a book that I just read. “Slammed” is a typical story of teen love/drama. It’s great for those who love these kinds of teen realistic fiction. The story is about a girl named Layken. She just moved with her mom and younger brother to another place. They moved here because her father had passed away from a heart attack. In this other place, she met a boy, a couple years older than her, that lived across the street. She got to know him a little and fell in love with him. But…she didn’t realize that the boy next door is actually a professor in her high school. Now, this boy’s parent had died in a car accident and so he’s taking care over his own little brother. He needed this job to support his brother and him, because he didn’t wanna lose him. Once Layken found out that the boy was her teacher, they decided to end their relationship with each other so as to not ruin the boy’s profession. But Layken can’t seem to let go/think about him. Find out more by reading this book!!!


My Other Blog!!!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to tell you guys that I just made another blog. My other blog is mostly just about songs. So those of you who are song lovers or know some people who are, head over there right now and listen to all the songs right there! Please feel free to follow, like, and comment on my other blog. The address is at REMEMBER: Those songs are from Youtube and copyrighted by other people. So, I encourage you to go look them up in Youtube and see if you want to follow them!

For those of you who don’t like songs, go there and check it out and maybe you’ll change your mind about songs. I feel that songs are an important aspect of my life because it can brighten your moods and cure feelings of boredom, stress, or sadness. I am not only a book lover but I am also a song lover. I’ll try to post more and more songs each day, so that many people can enjoy them as much as possible!

Well, hope you like my new blog and find some interesting music to listen to! Enjoy!

Camp Half-Blood Confidential by Rick Riordan

Hey, guys! Today, I’m adding another book (or side-book) by Rick Riordan, called “Camp Half-Blood Confidential”. It’s taken from the point-of-view of many of the people in Camp Half-Blood. Meet some of our old friends from the “Heroes of Olympus” and “Percy Jackson” books. This book is about giving tips on what you should do or not do in Camp Half-Blood. Do you want to be a demigod? Then, you should read this book to become one.


The Dead & Buried by Kim Harrington

Hey guys! I’m back. First of all, I’m so sorry that I had to take down all the links for my books! Today I’ll be talking about a book that I have recently just read, “The Dead & Buried” by Kim Harrington. It can be classified as a horror/mystery book (although it isn’t that very scary). This books is about a girl named Jade and she just moved into a new house and went to a new high school. This house has a dark past. The previous owner was a teenage girl that used to go to the same high school as Jade. But this time, this owner had died in her own house. People didn’t know if it was just an accident or if she was actually murdered. Now as Jade realizes that the house could be haunted by the ghost of this girl, she has to find out what truly happened to her. If she doesn’t, the ghost of that girl will kill her younger brother. Jade would do anything for her little brother so she has to work hard to solve the mysterious case of this girl. Find out more by reading this book!

  1. The Dead & Buried

URGENT!!! Removing Books

Hey guys! I’m sorry to say but I am going to have to remove all the PDF files in this blog, due to infringement and copyright purposes. I will remove the files, but I may still be able to write book summaries and reviews, and I’ll may be posting up my own books (that I created) as well. I know it’s sad, but please don’t go. Continue to look up my blog and I hope you also continue to enjoy it. If you have any questions, please email me at Thx!

The Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore (Request)

Hey guys! Someone had requested the famous “Lorien Legacies” by Pittacus Lore. Actually 2 someones requested it. Sorry for the late post! The Lorien Legacies is about teens who have powers that came to Earth from another planet. They are the last of their kind and they are being hunted by the Mogadorians. Each teen has different sorts of powers. This story is a very thrilling action-packed series! I recommend that you all read it! Bye!

I am Number Four Series

  1. I am Number Four


2. The Power of Six


3. The Rise of Nine


4. The Fall of Five


The Lost Files

  1. Six’s Legacy


2. Nine’s Legacy


3. The Fallen Legacies


4. The Search for Sam


5. The Last Days of Lorien


6. The Forgotten Ones


Extra Books

  1. The Fate of Ten


2. The Revenge of Seven


Splintered Book Series by A.G. Howard (Request)

Hey guys!!! Today, I’m here to share a book series called Splintered. I haven’t actually read it yet, but someone requested it, so I decided to put it up. I read online that it is a kind of mystical-fantasy novel. It’s a story similar to Alice in Wonderland but different in some ways. Well I hope you enjoy reading these series, and I hope I have time to read them, myself!

  1. Splintered (Splintered #1)


2. The Moth in the Mirror (Splintered #1.5)


3. Unhinged (Splintered #2)


4. Ensnared (Splintered #3)


5. Untamed (Splintered #3.5)