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This blog is for you bookworms and book lovers out there that enjoy reading books! It is also for people who like to read books electronically, not using a real book. This blog will give you books in PDF or E-pub format, book reviews, and synopsis or short summaries of these books. My blog will also talk a little bit about me and some stories that I personally created. Anyone can open this blog and download the e-books for free. You can feel free to leave some likes and comments.


These books are not to be distributed or sold in any way. It is put here for your own personal use only.


26 thoughts on “About Blog”

  1. Hello Tiffany……Im rajeev and I have already read all the books in this blog. I was looking around the blog when i noticed some details at the end of 3rd page about a book called soul keepers. I have read the first one and really really liked it. Sorry to ask but…….can u post the 2nd book please. I cant find it else where in net. just notify me if u wanna reply. email: p.pranavnarayan@gmail.com


  2. Hey Tiffany! You are awesome.
    Thanks a bunch for posting all these books. I’ve been looking all over, and I finally find the books just in one place! Um, I’ve been meaning to ask, that if you could please post the pdf for the new book- ‘ The Trials Of Apollo- The Dark Prophecy’. I know it’s new, but I really wanna read it. So please please please, if you can, post it ASAP! Thanks again, and have an amazing day.
    PS: Are you on Wattpad?


  3. hi tiffany! thank you for creating this blog for other bookworms like me😊 hoping you’ll upload the peecy jackson series and lorien legacies if you have. thank you so much!


  4. Hi, Tiffany! I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I was looking for the Harry Potter books since I was watching the movies the other day and started thinking about how I’ve never really read the series so I started looking for them online since I don’t have the money at the moment to buy them. Anyway, all I wanted to say was thanks for this amazing blog since it has helped me a lot. :3


  5. Hey Tiffany! I came across your blog and you did a very wonderful job here. I love bad girl don’t die series and i stop reading it on the second novel (from bad to curse) since i can’t find the third novel and it’s​ kinda upset me because I really wanted to know if Alexis and Carter will be back together. God knows how grateful I am when you uploaded the novel here and it is downloadable I am overjoyed! Good job girl. Keep it up. I am looking forward for your next novel collection and if I may suggest, (these are my favourite authors) Sheila O’flanagan, Cecelia Ahern and Nicholas Spark novels are amazing. Anyhow, thank youuu and regard from Malaysia. 😘


  6. Hello Tiffany! I have been devouring the books you have posted. I want to thank you for taking the time to compile this listing. If at any point in the future you are able to add the Splintered Series by A.G. Howard I would be eternally grateful! (BTW Thank you SO much for posting The Summoner series, I binge read it in 3 days!)


  7. Hey Tiffany. I really enjoy reading and have used this blog for a lot of really good books. Ive been reading the Percy Jackson series and all the other Rick riordan books I can find. However I’ve been looking for weeks now for the kane chronicles The son of sobek and The staff of serapis. And the staff of ptolemy and the only thing I can find is little demos that are at the end of certain books. I’m starting on the shadowhunter series but I would love to finish the kane books.


  8. Hello Tiffany,
    Can you please please please post “Tales From Shadowhunters Academy”? I really can’t wait to read about Simon’s adventures in the shadow world. My smol amnesiac boi><!~ And "The Dark Artifices"….Pwease :3


  9. Hi Tiffany!

    I just wanted to say you’re amazing and I really appreciate you posted all these books. You are a true hero to book lovers everywhere.


  10. Hi Tiffany!
    What a great thing you have here! I just wanna let you know one of my favorites author is Trudi Canavan, she´s got 3 series of book wich I totally love, they are all about magic and distant lands so I think you would like them too! I would also love if you could post The 5th wave series by Rick Yancey.

    Thank you so much!


  11. Hello there. I am new to this blog, and would like to read the summoner series. Where on the page is the download option? Thank you for posting these here, BTW.


  12. Hello! From what I’ve been reading, this blog is amazing but I’m having some difficulty getting the books, is there a way for you to tell me how to do it?


  13. Hey Tiffany ive read alot of books because of your blog. I really like alot of these but now i m having trouble finding them, is there a certain site or sites you used to find them? Of so i wpuld really appreciate to know what there are! Have a wonderful day


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