Writing My Very First Book! Yay!!!

Hey everybody!!! Today, I’m writing a special blog about what I’ve been doing. I have started my own little project. I decided to make my very first novel! This is my first time writing one and I have no experience in writing stories, whatsoever. I am still currently working on it. I started it around the end of last year and plan to end it around this year. For a brief preview, I’ll tell you that this book is mostly about teen drama. It is most suitable for ages 14+. I know it sounds lame, but I hope people enjoy this book.

The story centers around a normal American teenage girl, named Emily and her big family. In this book, Emily is facing challenges in high school and facing challenges with her own family. As any other normal teenager likes to do, Emily likes to spend time with her friends more than she does with her own family. She hangs out with her two best friends and sometimes go out with her tutor, Richard.  Emily faces some problems with her family, but when she thinks that it’s finally over, she decides to go back to her friends. This time, she spends more time with her boyfriend, Richard. One day, Emily faces a life-changing situation. This situation puts Emily in a really difficult position. She has to choose between staying behind with Richard or taking care of her younger siblings. What would she do? Will she be willing to sacrifice her entire family for just one good-looking boy?

Well I’m still working on it, but like I said, I hope people will enjoy reading it. This book found me a new hobby of writing, and I hope that I would be able to finish it and start on with new books. I also hope that I will improve my writing skills because of this. For this “project”, I just have one problem. I’m looking for a book cover. I’m not that much of a designer, so if any of you out there or any of your friends are creative enough to make me a free book cover or likes photography, please please please send your ideas to me. And I want it to be really creative. We can talk about it over my email if you would like and I would gladly send you my unfinished copy so that you get the idea on what book cover to create.  Once I’m finished with it, maybe you can win the first copy of my book! Thanks and I hope that someone will be willing to help me. 😉

And, F.Y.I, my email address is at tiffangelia777@gmail.com. Bye!


10 thoughts on “Writing My Very First Book! Yay!!!”

  1. Hey Tiffany!
    Just read your latest blog and I personally think that the plot of your story is pretty awesome!
    So I’m writing a book too, but I’ve started it this month so it may take some time. Plus it’s fantasy-fiction and is real complex.
    and I read that you are looking for someone to make your book cover for FREE. Well you are in luck, because I would love to do it! I am kinda hobbyist artist and I can make a digital cover illustration for you if you like.
    I am not that GREAT an artist, but I’m working on my art and improving quite a bit. I’ll also make the cover of my own book, but that’s a long time later because I’ve just started the book plot. If you affirm, then I’ll email you[some of my art too if you like]. Though be sure to give me at least a month’s deadline as I’m dying from my schoolwork.
    And it would be really simpler if you have Instagram or Wattpad so we can chat directly[and ALSO become friends].
    Trying to be my helpful self,
    And eagerly waiting for your book,
    Ellie 😉


    1. Thank you guys for helping me trying to create my book cover. Just a reminder, there are other people also making a book cover for me and later I would choose the most suitable one for my book. So please try your best. Good luck!!!


  2. Hey Tiffany. I love the idea that you’ve taken up writing. I’ve loved writing too, since I was 10, but I’ve never finished any of the books I’ve ever started writing and I’m now 26. Maybe it because I just lose focus although they have all been great ideas. But I wish you all the best and would love to read your book once you publish it. All the best.


  3. Would you by any chance be in need of an editor? I’m not exactly a professional, but I consider myself pretty decent and some experience wouldn’t hurt. Or perhaps collabing on a future project? I can shoot you an email with some of my work if you’d be interested, or even just for fun.


    1. Yes I would need an editor after I’m finished with my book! Sure, I would love for you to help me and I would absolutely love to help you! And yes, you can email your work to me. Thx!!!


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